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Mel Modern uses all types of modern heating systems to address specific or unique problems.  For instance, we use radiant heating to keep the bathroom floor warm on cold winter mornings, or infrared heating for tennis courts, warehouse operations or other spaces.  We have specific solutions to even the smallest problems that occur in everyone’s homes, such as keeping that one room troublesome room warm enough.  

Mel Modern has worked in heating since 1961 and always stays current with the latest technology and certifications.   We specialize in installing and servicing high efficiency heating equipment, and started installing high efficiency (+90% efficiency) equipment as soon as it became available in the early 1980’s.  

Examples of current heating options include:
  • Warm air
  • Hot water
  • Steam
  • Radiant floor heating
  • Infrared space heating
  • Gas furnaces
  • High efficiency gas boilers