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Indoor Air Quality

With new energy standards mandated by the federal government, homes have become more airtight. Indoor pollutants are therefore not flushed out with airchanges as was the case with older and loose-fitting doors and windows.  Mold and carbon dioxide are more likely to build up and pose a serious health risk.  

All a/c and heating systems are installed without any fiberglass acoustical installation in the airstream since 1995 when fiberglass was listed as a carcinogen in California.  All our systems are fiberglass-free since 1995.  

Every air conditioning tune-up always includes visual inspection for any mold with the recommended appropriate action to correct the situation.  

Humidifiers to maintain relative humidity from 40-55% throughout the winter, and thermostats with humidity control manage levels in the summer months.

Ultraviolet lights to sterilize mold spores in air conditioning systems.

High efficiency air filters are used to remove up to 80% of airborne cold viruses.